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Banner Workflow

About Banner Workflow

Banner Workflow provides the university community with the ability to manage a paperless approval process without having to route paper between offices. Banner Workflow can pass electronic documents, information, and tasks from one person to the next for action, following your department’s processing preferences. 

We currently support business automation solutions using Banner Workflow for several departments at Virginia Tech. including the Graduate School, the Controller's office, and the Human Resources office. These workflows allow users to process requests and route them to the appropriate approvers electronically. 

Banner Workflow brings value to Virginia Tech

  • Improved Communication between all Administrative Offices
  • Coordination of Data Entry
  • Improved Accuracy and Accountability
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Better Business Process Control

Workflow can be integrated with Banner and Imaging to help manage the entire business process. When Workflow is integrated with Banner, you can

  • Create and Update Banner data automatically
  • Launch Banner forms
  • Use customizable workflow electronic documents to communicate with different people in the department
  • Use business events (triggered by database changes) to start a workflow automatically

When Workflow is integrated with BDM (Imaging), you can create workflows when

  • documents are created through BDM
  • indexes are updated for the documents